White Paper

How Influencers and Content Creators Can Elevate Their Brands with Prestige Partnerships and Upmarket Affiliations.

A Whitepaper from Unleashed Platinum

Unleashed Platinum, a jewelry collection from Kona design house, has launched an exclusive range that complements the luxury lifestyle. The centerpiece is the UP Signature Brooch, an iconic design of two interlocked letters decorated with 60 glittering diamonds. When fastened to a lapel or dress, this sparkling brooch is a statement of style, sophistication, and glamor.

Unleashed Platinum is now partnering with influencers, marketers, bloggers, publishers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and other content creators via the UP Prestige Affiliate Program. This opens a door to mutual brand elevation and financial profit, all via one diamond brooch. It is an exciting new affiliate program for YouTube creatives, lifestyle Instagrammers, style bloggers, and more.

The Power of Panache

In a world filled with noise and chatter, commanding attention without saying a word is a rare talent. Unleashed Platinum’s UP Signature Brooch has this gift. It speaks the language of luxury, all while pinned elegantly to a dress or lapel. It makes a statement of elegance without having to shout about it. If a style is a universal language, then the UP Signature Brooch speaks it fluently,

 This iconic platinum brooch, adorned with 60 glittering diamonds, ushers the wearer into a world of luxury far from the everyday.

Diamonds and Time: Both Precious, Both Irreplaceable

60 seconds in a minute. 60 minutes in an hour. 60 diamonds on an iconic gold or silver-toned brooch.

The priceless nature of time is represented by the UP Signature Brooch’s 60 glittering diamonds. Each diamond stands for a precious moment, a sparkling reminder to embrace every minute boldly and live life to its very fullest. To treat each day as if it was a gemstone discovered in a treasure chest.

A Mystery Hidden in Two Letters

The UP Signature Brooch can embrace multiple meanings. It stands (of course) for Unleashed Platinum, a jewelry design house like no other. Yet it also offers almost unlimited interpretations for the wearer, depending on what they most want to embody and express.

So UP can also mean “unlimited potential,” “unstoppable power,” or “understated panache.” If given as a gift to a lover, it might whisper “unquenchable passion.”

And to many, UP will simply mean “up”—forever rising, forever ascending, forever conquering new heights. Reaching the pinnacle of the self and realizing that there are still more peaks waiting to be climbed.

The playfulness and mystery at the heart of the UP design, its ability to take on so many meanings, is a huge part of its appeal, virality, and marketability. The open-endedness allows wearers to attach their own significance to the brooch, making it a personal talisman of their values, aspirations, and dreams.

The Symbol of a Secret Club

The UP Signature Brooch makes a statement of elegance and taste without saying a word. It invites wearers into a private, exclusive club. Spot someone wearing the UP Signature brooch in the VIP lounge of an airport or the terrace of a five-star hotel, and you spot a kindred spirit.

Who wouldn’t want to be a member of a club where the password is “diamonds?”

A Timeless Emblem of Style

The UP Signature Brooch combines classic allure with contemporary flair, embodying both nostalgia and modern elegance. It steps away from fashion fads to become an ageless accessory. A brooch to be worn for both special occasions and as an everyday style statement.

A Collectible Accessory

Each brooch is designed to be a collectible, a treasured asset to be passed down through the generations as a family heirloom. It is a statement crafted to last forever—an ageless symbol of luxury living.

The UP Prestige Affiliate Program: An Elevated Partnership Opportunity

Unleashed Platinum by Kona invites influencers, marketers, bloggers, publishers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, and other content creators to join the UP Prestige Affiliate Program. By partnering with Kona, influencers can elevate their brand by associating it with a high-end jewelry collection.

Benefits to UP Prestige affiliates include:

1. A prestige brand partnership

Unleashed Platinum offers a high-end collaboration ideal for influencers and creators who want to associate their own brand with sophistication and style. With the UP Signature Brooch, you are partnering with a product designed to trigger inspiration, aspiration, and desire.

2. An ongoing passive income

With the UP Prestige Affiliate Program, influencers can earn passive income effortlessly. Every time a follower or fan purchases a UP Signature Brooch, you will make a commission.

3. A generous commission

All UP Prestige affiliates earn a commission of 25% on eligible sales, making it easier to monetize their influence and audience.

4. Regular payouts

Unleashed Platinum offers a straightforward and transparent monthly payout system, meaning that partners won’t have to wait for their earnings.

5. Strong conversion opportunities

All UP Prestige affiliates can share unlimited links that stay active for 60 days, offering higher conversion opportunities.

6. A personalized UP dashboard

The UP affiliate dashboard makes everything as easy as possible with personalized settings, statistics, and payout information.


The UP Signature Brooch by Kona is an emblem of luxury living and style. By joining the UP Prestige Affiliate Program, influencers, marketers, bloggers, publishers, Instagrammers, YouTubers, Podcasters, and other content creators can benefit from a truly elevated brand partnership.

They can create a collaboration that sparkles as brightly as a UP Signature Brooch, drawing upon the hypnotic power of diamonds to grow their income and business. They can capitalize on their audience and influence, all while associating themselves with glitter and glamor.