Unleashed Platinum Silver Signature Brooch



Metal with 60 finished diamonds throughout

  • Sliver – 925 sterling
  • Dimensions: 1” 3/8 by 1” 3/8
  • Product code: 001
  • Made in USA

The Unleashed Platinum first edition will define the future of making a statement with just one simplistic piece of jewelry. An accessory line with an elegant feel but an edgy style.

Although it appears as only a brooch, This piece is not your average accessory.

It’s a magical Jewelry Assets, finished with sparkling Diamonds detail.

  • UP’s sustainability strategy, within its supply chain, is respect for standards in line with its social equity.
  • For instance, think of UP Brooch Genesis edition as Crypto, Real Estate, vintages, Bonds and other valuable assets that appreciate in time.
  • Pin closure

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