About Us

Elegance Begins With a Single, Exquisite Accessory.

The UP Signature Brooch: Two Simple Letters. 60 Glittering Diamonds. One Iconic Design.

In a world where everyone is busy talking, commanding attention effortlessly is a gift.

Style is a way of saying what you want to say, silently. It’s a universal language—impossible to define, yet you know it when you see it.

Style can be as simple as a single, eye-catching diamond brooch. An iconic platinum design, fastened to a dress or lapel. And making a statement of elegance without saying a word.

Diamonds Are Precious. So Is Time.

60 seconds in a minute. 60 minutes in an hour. All of the precious moments of your life.

The 60 diamonds in the UP signature brooch represent these moments. Each is unique, yet each is part of a beautiful whole. Every sparkling gem is a reminder to live your life boldly, embracing every minute.

A Mystery Hidden in Two Simple Letters.

The UP signature brooch stands for Unleashed Platinum, a design house specializing in exquisite jewelry.

Yet it also stands for whatever you want it to.

Unlimited potential. Unstoppable power. Understated panache. You can find your own meaning in those elegant letters—it’s your secret to keep. Let the brooch be your emblem and totem.

Yet whatever the letters mean to you, they always stand for luxury, taste, and style.

An Asset. An Heirloom. An Everyday Statement.

A UP signature brooch is ageless. Two interlocked, diamond-studded letters with a gold or silver-toned finish. Echoes of old-time splendor combined with contemporary flair.

Each brooch is a collectible piece, an asset to treasure, an heirloom to pass down through generations.

And each is designed to be worn every day as a style statement. A glittering symbol of luxury living.