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Earn commission on each successful referral.

Elevate Your Brand with a Glittering Affiliation

Welcome to Unleashed Platinum Affiliate Program. The affiliate program helps marketers, content creators, publishers, podcasters, and bloggers monetize their traffic.

Affiliates can use our customised tools to create unique link and get commission on every qualifying purchases.
It’s a dilemma for many influencers, bloggers, publishers, videographers, content creators, podcasters, and marketers—how do you monetize your following in a way that’s tasteful? What triggers the deepest aspirations of your audience? What elevates your brand rather than undermines it?

If you are a fashion blogger or lifestyle influencer who is searching for that perfect affiliate, then it’s important to be picky. After all, the affiliates that you choose to partner with actually become a part of your own brand. They express who you are, including your tastes and your values.

Finding affiliates—and more importantly, the right affiliates—is everything when it comes to building your brand and income. Choose the right ones, and you can associate your content with style, sophistication, and glamor. Get it wrong, and your fans won’t relate to it—meaning that you miss out on a chance to monetize your following. Inspirational content creators need a partner program that complements them, one that glitters every bit as brightly as they do.

So how exactly do you find a prestige partner—and make a passive income in the process?

One Timeless Diamond Accessory

With Unleashed Platinum, you can become part of an affiliate program like no other because we have designed a product like no other. Our UP Signature Brooch is two simple letters, 60 glittering diamonds, and one iconic design. It is an everyday style statement, a special occasion accessory, and a distinctive gift.

The flash of this timeless diamond brooch catches your eye and grabs your attention, making a statement of elegance and taste without saying a word. It invites wearers into a private, exclusive club. When you own the UP Signature Brooch, you join that club.


25% revenue from each sale completed by affiliate link you share

Unlimited amount of link sharing

60 day duration of link living

Monthly payouts via PayPal service

Easy referral link generating

Convenient affiliate area with personal settings, statistics, and payouts info

Benefits of the Unleashed Platinum Jewelry Affiliate Program

By partnering with us and becoming a UP Prestige Affiliate, you will:

  1. Elevate your brand with a high-end collaboration.
  2. Make a passive income from jewelry sales.
  3. Earn a generous 25% commission from every eligible sale.
  4. Receive payouts on a regular monthly basis.
  5. Enjoy strong conversion opportunities with unlimited link sharing and a 60-day link life.
  6. Be given your own personal affiliate dashboard with personal settings, statistics, and payouts.

So why not create a truly sparkling partnership?